What is Lingo?

The App designed with simplicity in mind for group discussion and one-to-one private communications, using IRC networks around the world. 



  • Free - no registration fee, no time limit, etc.
  • Use different nicks or settings on different servers
  • Multiple server connections
  • Interprets mIRC colours
  • Coloured nicknames and styling preferences
  • User Interface colour preferences
  • Logging of console, channels, and queries
  • Supports AppleScript
  • Supports the IRC URI scheme
  • Supports CTCP (Ping, Time, etc)
  • Supports DCC File Transfers
  • Command Line Interface (use /help for details)
  • Auto-completion on tab
  • Scroll-back command line history
  • Friend Notification
  • Ignore masks (someone getting on your nerves?)
  • Stripping format option
  • Window transparency
  • Change font and size
  • Uses Apple Notification Center
  • Supports SSLv1, SSLv2, SSLv3, and TLSv1
  • Supports Proxy Servers (SOCKSv4, SOCKSv5, and HTTP)
  • Auto-reconnect on connection error
  • Message indicator on channels/queries
  • UTF-8 Support